The Ernst-Ruska-Award 2005 of the German Society for Electron Microscopy e.V. (DGE)

was awarded on decision of the Ernst-Ruska-Award Committee

Prof. Dr. Ueli Aebi, Basel
Prof. Dr. Joachim Frank, Albany
Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Karnthaler, Wien
Prof. Dr. Harald Rose, Darmstadt
Dr. Heinz Schwarz, Tübingen
Prof. Dr. Michiyoshi Tanaka, Sendai

to the following awardees:

Dr. Andreas Thust und Dr. Wim Coene
Focus Series Reconstruction

Dr. Daniel Studer
Oscillating Knife for Ultramicrotomy

The awards were presented during the opening ceremony of the Three-Country-Conference in Davos on Monday, August 29th 2005.
picture of laureates 2005