The Ernst-Ruska-Award 2011 of the German Society for Electron Microscopy e.V. (DGE)

was awarded on decision of the Ernst-Ruska-Award Committee

Prof. Dr. Alan Craven, Glasgow
Prof. Dr. Jacques Dubochet, Lausanne
Prof. Dr. Gareth Griffiths, Oslo
Prof. Dr. Hannes Lichte, Dresden
Prof. Dr. Gustaaf van Tendeloo, Antwerpen
Prof. Dr. Paul Walther, Ulm

to the awardee

Dr. Johan Verbeeck

for his work on:

"EELS Quantification and Electron Vortex Beams"

as well as to the awardee

Prof. Dr. David N. Mastronarde

for his work on:

"A Versatile Software for Tomographic Reconstruction of Electron Microscopy Data Sets"

The awards will be presented at the opening ceremony of the Microscopy Conference 2011 in Kiel
on Monday, August 29th 2011.