at in Berlin/Germany - memorial site for the scientist and nobel laureate in physics 1986. This site is managed by the Ruska family and started on May 27, 1998 on the occasion of Ernst Ruska´s 10th anniversary of death.

The project was result of several inquiries about information and pictures of Ernst Ruska and his life.

We present the main facts and background information about Ernst Ruska´s life. We also intend developing this site into a platform of historical documentation about Ernst Ruska and the electron microscope.

A private project like is limited in financial and time-ressources. So we will need some time making this project a authentic archieve. One year online proved interesting results about web-community´s demand for this site. More and more web-users from all over the world visited Our answer is a new and optimized version. The new version is faster, reorganized - and is availabe in english language.

Maybe the prepared scientific and private materials of encourage someone supplemeting own materials into this site.

From the several conversations with my grandfather about scientific and philosophical matters the phrase "2nd gate" impressed me most. So this site got the maintitle: The 2nd gate to microcosm."

Special thanks to my grandmother Irmela Ruska for her help in choice of materials, Ernst Ruska´s secretary of many years - Lotte Lambert - for preparing the bibliography, Dr. Hoffman from Max-Planck-Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte and Dr. Kazemi from Archiv zur Geschichte der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft for their methodical advice.

Berlin, Aug 1, 1999

Thomas Ruska